April 13, 2024

Carpet Washing: Wash The Carpets In The Washing Machine

If the rug is small and light enough, you can put it in the washing machine. But beware! Not all rugs can be machine washed. Therefore, before washing your rug, read the cleaning instructions on the back and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your rug is machine-washable, you should check at what temperature and with what cleaning agent you are allowed to wash the rug. Also, if the rug can be wrung out, the label should note this. If you are missing one or more points, take your carpet to a professional cleaner. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. By the way, high-quality oriental rugs or other valuable pieces should always be cleaned by professionals so that they are not damaged.

Have you checked that your rug is suitable for machine washing on the washing sheet? If you want to put your rug in the washing machine, follow these steps or use professional like carpet cleaning Rayleigh for example:

  1. Check that your rug is suitable for the drum of your washing machine. To avoid damage, you must avoid over-stuffing the mat and tearing it.
  2. Find a suitable place to dry the rug, as depending on the size and material, it can be very heavy and bulky when wet.
  3. Vacuum your carpet to remove coarse dirt.
  4. Before washing, check for stubborn stains on the carpet and pre-treat them. Our article on carpet cleaning and stain removal explains how to make it work best.
  5. If your rug has a long pile or fringe that can get caught in the machine during washing, it is recommended to use a laundry bag.
  6. Set the recommended temperature and select the specified detergent with a wash cycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Wash your carpet alone and do not add any other textile, as this is the only way to guarantee that no foreign fibers will stick to the carpet fibers and that its structure will not change.

Find a place in the attic or outside where the rug can be hung and let it dry slowly. It is important that moisture can escape evenly, as this is the only way for carpet fibers to maintain their original, even shape. Beware of direct sunlight while drying – it may discolor the fibers. Washing your rug absorbs a lot of moisture and takes a long time to dry. To speed up this process, briefly scrub the rug with a soft brush before hanging it. Then hang the rug on a drying rack. Note that the mat will still drip heavily and ensure the dripping water can drain away.