May 19, 2024

Choosing Beautiful and Durable Granite Countertops: Tips to Keep in Mind

Granite slabs offer the best mix of beauty, strength, and durability for kitchen countertops. They embody the vital qualities that kitchen countertops need. Kitchen countertops are subjected to everyday abuse of spills, hot pots, and knife scratches. To make sure your Granite au Sommet comptoir en Granite stands up to the harsh activities going on in a kitchen without sacrificing your taste and style, here are tips you should consider:

Determine Your Taste

When you shop for granite countertops, you want to make sure you end up with those you love or suit your needs. To make this happen, you must consider whether you want the countertops to be a light or dark colour, what details you prefer on the slabs, their vein style, and weather you want a drop-in, undermount, or top-mount sink.

Assess what you find attractive before you visit a fabricator. When you consider samples, you need to prioritise your taste.

Think about the Room’s Size

Do you have a small or big kitchen? Your kitchen’s size is a big factor to consider when choosing the best granite slab and pattern. If your kitchen is small, choose light-coloured slabs as they can make the space look bigger. Little natural light makes the room look smaller. But using light-coloured granite can correct this effect. Also, dark granite that has light veins running through works for this purpose. But if you have a spacious kitchen, you should experiment with dark colours. You must also choose the patterns according to the room’s size. Your options for granite patterns include solid, marbled, and speckled. Solid granite is great for a small kitchen. Speckled and marbled granite is ideal for bigger kitchens.

Bring Samples

To make sure your granite slabs work in harmony with other kitchen features like the cabinets and flooring, bring samples of the finished cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are two-coloured, choose one with the shades of these colours. Black and gray granite produce a beautiful effect that suits a contemporary kitchen that has light or white cabinetry. In addition, beige and brown suits in any kitchen style.  

Pick the Stone Quality

Picking a beautiful piece is great. Beyond this, it’s important to look for the stone’s inherent qualities. You should consider factors such as fissures, surface pitting, colour concentrations, veins, shade variation, and inclusions. 

When you shop for granite countertops, you must know what you are getting when you renovate your kitchen. However, a lot of fabricators don’t address consumer-education. Because of this, you must research before you make a final decision.