June 15, 2024

As with any other type of storage facility, whether at home or work, inside or outside, the more organised you are and the cleaner the space, the more effective it is as a storage option. This is definitely the case for the best metal sheds, providing a long-term, sturdy option for your back garden or yard. Keeping a tidy shed will help you in many ways. It helps to keep things clean, in good condition, and helps to find things when you need them. The worst-case scenario for any garden shed is to lose equipment and tools, or to find them damaged due to poor organisation. On top of this, the condition of the shed itself could be compromised if it is left in a mess for long periods of time. 

Here are some tips to help keep your metal garden shed as tidy as possible.

Install a tool rack

There are garden tools that come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Some of them can leave you wondering how on earth you’re going to fit them in anywhere in your shed. To maximise a tidy space, the answer is to install a tool rack in your garden shed. This is the ideal situation to hold all your gardening tools and equipment, whether a rake, a shovel, a fork, or anything else you own. Your tools won’t fall over and will give you extra space around the shed.

Sturdy shelving

Another great addition to a shed is some sturdy shelving along the walls. Sometimes you’ll find all manner of items that are stored in sheds, and if you think about paint or varnish, cleaning equipment and fluids, some of these can be quite heavy. That is why it is vital that you choose the sturdiest shelves you can find, to carry the weight. Make sure that there is shelving low enough to be reached effectively too, without causing potential hazards for people need to overreach. 

Be better with floor space

The use of shelves and tool hangers etc. give you the best chance to maximise the floor space for larger items that you store in your shed. You may wish to store your lawnmower, a wheelbarrow, or a bike in your shed. Attaching extra, heavy-duty, hanging hooks along the walls, underneath shelving, will help you store these items too, leaving extra floor space. Wrap your hose carefully and securely around a peg or hook, as this is one of the biggest concerns for space and safety, the last thing you want is to trip over your hose in a small, enclosed space.

Don’t throw away jars and pots

Coffee jars, big tins and other kitchen items might be best recycled as extra, tidy, storage options for your garden shed. If you have seed packets, you can store these in an airtight tin that has previously contained food items. A big glass jar can hold many different types of smaller gardening tools and make them easy to locate within the shed.

Clear away junk

The biggest thing you can do though, is to make sure that you aren’t carrying any dead weight. It is far too easy to throw things into the shed and think you’ll ‘deal with it later’. This is how poor storage and messy sheds happen in the first place. Go through every item in your shed as you are adding the storage steps above. Be as honest as possible about what you need to keep and what can probably be thrown away. This will make a massive difference to how tidy your shed is.

Your choice of strong garden sheds will go a long way to how you organise and keep an effective, well-kept shed where you store your garden tools and equipment, garden furniture, your bike, or any other types of items and belongings that you think the garden shed is the best place for them to be. Suppliers of sturdy, high quality garden sheds understand what it takes to provide you with the perfect garden structure. A metal garden shed is robust, remains in good condition against all the elements, and provides the best place for you to store your garden belongings. Make sure to choose the right partner for your needs and have the correct shed space to organise your things in an effective manner.