May 19, 2024

Modern Sofa Set You Must Have in Your Drawing Room

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Luxury is all you need to make your sitting room more decorated and beautiful. This comes under the category of interior design. It makes your home a more comfortable and attractive place with a lot of facilities to live in. Everyone wants some luxuries in their home, so there is a distinctive difference between luxury and regular material. This difference is due to the option of customization from the type of wood, colour, and shape of fabric used. The idea is to create a piece that reflects your input throughout the process. Furniture is composed of materials like leather, wood, and velvet. Regardless of whether you prefer to go with soft or hardwood, you want a scratch-resistant material. Chairs and sofas with removable cushions show a high-strength comfort for your lifestyle.

The traits laid out above are the indicators of high-quality luxurious furniture. Quality furniture is an investment in comfort and design to your life. you must read the following passage for the selection of some high-quality sofas for your sitting room.

1-Haven Leather Sofa

You will love the heaven leather sofa, as it goes with anything design and is true to its name proving sinks right in comfort. It has a deep comfy seat and low padded arms for comfort. The construction includes leather work that is a natural product. With reinforced joinery a solid pie and engineered hardwood frame is present. There is a saddle leather upholstery in the nut. For durability, all wood is kiln-dried. For a stream lined profile, there are concealed support legs. Sinuous springs provide cushion support. The seat form is made up of polyurethane foam adjusted alternatively. The back cushions are filled with poly fibers. The legs are removable and for seat firmness loose cushions are attached. You can have this luxurious sofa set from West elm sale.

2-Harmony Modular 3-Piece

Harmony modular 3 piece is a modern sectional and is all about your comfort. At the top of the boxy silhouette, is a pillow with soft cushions. The frames used in the construction are handmade with hand-finished upholstery. This sofa includes a throw and lumbar pillows. The composition of the back cushion is 50% polyester fiber, 45% duck feather and 5% duck down. It has loose cushions with a zip-off. With the clips, the sectional pieces are attached. Modular pieces are also attached for easy movement and can be standalone. The sofa set is comfortable and has front and back cushions that can be attached or detached.

3-Laurent 2-Piece Wedge Chaise

Laurent 2-piece wedge chaise sofa is a graceful curve, that envelopes you in super comfort and brings shape to your space. With Blonde-finished legs, there is a low-profile silhouette. This chair is covered with the stylish fabric of your own choice. The wood frame is solid and scratch-resistant. There is webbed seat cushion support with a high gauge sinuous spring. The seat cushions have high strength and polyurethane foam cores, wrapped with fibre. For durability, all wood is kiln-dried. For a streamlined profile, there are concealed support legs. For durability, all wood is kiln-dried and will not be destroyed in a short span.

4- 2-Piece Pop-Up Sleeper

2-piece pop-up sleeper is true to its name in that it easily converts into a spacious sleeper. There is a convenient storage space in the chaise with hand-built frames and hand-finished upholstery. With mortise and Tenon joinery kiln dried engineered hardwood frame is present. There is a plastic shadow line support legs in an espresso finish. The seat cushions have high resilience. They are covered with polyurethane foam cores, wrapped with fibre. Through the gas lift mechanism, the chaise lifts. To create a queen-sized sleeping area, the trundle pulls out from the sofa and then lifts. To avoid damaging the frame do not fold cushions under the sofa. It features a top seam with zip-covered cushions.

5- Remi Modular Sofa

You must have a remi modular sofa for a modern boxy interior design touch. It occupies a small space and is friendly for cozier looks. It’s deceptively plush, which means a very high standard of quality foam. The frames used in the construction are handmade. For durability, all wood is kiln-dried. Seat cushions are composed of polyurethane for higher resilience. This sofa is 105 inches with 3 pieces. Sinuous springs provide cushion support is present. Small black legs are attached to the corner of the sofa.

6- 2-Piece Armless Sofa

2 piece armless sofas are a luxurious choice for your bedroom as well as drawing rooms. This collection of sofas is modular and can be arranged in your desired configuration. The back cushions are black and filled with foam. The pieces are attached with the alligator clips on the sides. The frame padding and seat cushions are made up of polyurethane foam cores. In black colour, there are plastic shadow line support legs. This sofa is composed of solid and natural pine.