May 19, 2024

Montclair’s Hidden Gems: Exploring Unique Real Estate Listings

Situated in the northeastern tip of New Jersey, Montclair is a charming and vibrant town with a rich history. Nearly every home in this town is infused with a long history of previous owners, notable architects, and famous residents. What’s better is that Montclair manages to balance this old-world charm with urban sophistication. Living here sets you right in the heart of a vibrant cultural scene surrounded by historic architecture and tree-lined streets. In this guide, we explore this unique quality of Montclair real estate and how to find special gems in your search for a Montclair home.

Locating Hidden Gems in Montclair

Many Montclair homes for sale have a far-reaching history. If you are interested in a property with a rich background, there are several resources you can explore. These sources exist to tell homeowners when their homes were built, by whom, who lived there, and more. They include:

City Directories

The City Directory maintains extensive records of all constructions in Montclair. Between 1870 and 1969, the town produced comprehensive directories of homes, their occupants, and the relatives and occupations of those living there. This information is housed in the Montclair Public Library, but the City Directories store scanned copies. You can locate the information you need if you know when a house was built, the construction date, or the name of a family that lived there.

Montclair History Center

Montclair History Center is located at 108 Orange Road next to the Crane House. While less popular than the City Directory, it contains many old maps, directories, and historic ledgers of old-world Montclair. You can learn more about your home at the extensive library, including its previous residents, architectural history, and more.

Historic Inventory Viewer

The Junior League performed surveys throughout the town in the 1980s. They gathered details of Montclair buildings and homes, including their construction dates and architecture. If you are looking for a list of the oldest, most unique homes in town, you should find it here.

Historical Gems: The Shultz House

Montclair real estate is teeming with historical gems, but the Shultz House is by far the most impressive. This 21-room home spans over 7,000 square feet and sits on about two acres. It features a two-bedroom carriage house, seven unique fireplaces with ornate tile carvings, herringbone floors, carved wooden ceilings, mammoth leaded glass windows and pocket doors.

Previously listed for $1.449 million, the Shultz House is over 127 years old. The last improvement to the home was made in 1921 when a gas range was put in where the coal stove used to be. Consequently, this masterpiece of a home has remained virtually untouched for over a decade.

The history of the Shultz home can be traced back to 1986 when it was built by Charles Shultz, president of Hoboken Savings Bank. The home remained in the Shultz family for over a century until Molly Shultz, Shultz’s only surviving grandchild, died in 1996. Molly willed the home to the Montclair History Center. 

Explore Montclair Homes with an Experienced Agent

Montclair’s perfect combination of modern amenities, culture, and history makes it one of the best communities in New Jersey in which to buy a home. Contact The Wright Group today to talk to a realtor and start exploring unique Montclair luxury homes and the Montclair real estate market.