April 13, 2024

Top 3 Types of solar panel mountings in case you lack the space.

Solar System installation is getting popular now as people have started facing issues created by pollution due to the extensive use of nonrenewable energy. With pollution effects on the skin and health, this system is also affecting the monthly budgets with rising utility charges. Solar electric installation in Iowa City gets difficult when living in the developed part of the city.

This issue can also be resolved by choosing the right type of solar panel mounting for your place, which might be residential or commercial. This simplifies the installation process and, at the same time, provides optimum electricity.

The top 3 Types of Solar Panel Mountings are:

  1. Roof mounting:

This is the most common mounting type selected by many having a roof over the house. Still, during solar electric system installation in Iowa houses, it is essential to ensure that the roof gets proper exposure to sunlight.

  1. Ground Mounting:

The owners use the ground mounting when the house or commercial spaces do not possess an ideal rooftop for solar panels. This mounting is appropriately fixed, arranging the panel to get the maximum possible sunlight.

  1. Dual Axis Tracking mounting system:

This system is used in open spaces where a large electricity generation is required as the panels mounted on the ground move along with the changing direction of sunlight to capture the maximum possible sunlight.

In concluding note:

Many options of solar systems are introduced in the market to make it possible for everyone to contribute to the movement of saving resources, and Rabe Hardware is helping them with efficient solar system design and installation.