April 13, 2024

Naples is Italy’s third most populated city, which evokes great ideas and powerful feelings, yet things are undergoing a shift in the south. Naples is enjoying a rebirth, discarding its criminal reputation to embrace its numerous virtues. The finest activities to do in Naples all include becoming acquainted with the city, from its palpable history to its delectable cuisine.

Naples is a wonderful city with an interesting history. Roam the streets and let the story wash over you. It is a location where history is alive and well on the streets. It could be one of the most authentic cities in Italy. If you choose to relocate here, start by working with Naples FL real estate experts Jana Caudill Team to find a home where you can enjoy what this neighborhood offers. Additionally, the following things to do in Naples will guide you to get started once you relocate:

  1. Explore Spaccanapoli, Naples’ bustling center

Spaccanapoli, translating to “Naples splitter,” is the busy, winding boulevard that runs through the heart of Naples’ old Centro Storico. The lively center of this alluring city is Spaccanapoli, with its buzzing Vespas, neighbors arguing politics from opposite balconies, and little artisan workshops buzzing with hammer sounds. Alongside this UNESCO World Heritage-designated boulevard are some of the most well-known churches in the city, such as the Cappella Sansevero, which is well-known for its marble sculpture of Giuseppe Sanmartino’s Veiled Christ, and the around 1470 Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo.

  1. Visit the National Archeological Museum

The museum was once a horseback riding school before becoming the university’s home. Since its opening in 1816, the Archeological Museum has become one of the most significant institutions in the world due to the caliber and volume of artifacts on display. Many artifacts are from Pompeii and other surrounding archeological sites that were excavated.

  1. Try pizza at its hometown

If you’re ever confused about things to do in Naples, take a long breath and grab some pizza. Really! Pizza is believed to have originated in Naples, and the city is regarded as having the best pizza in the world. The people of Naples truly know how to make this prominent dish.

Naples boasts that each region has a pizzeria deserving of a title and organizes tournaments such as the “world pizza-making championships.” It is a source of pride for both culture and cuisine. Once you move to this amazing neighborhood, check out some of the best restaurants in Naples, for pizza among other Italian cuisines.

  1. Tour Mount Vesuvius

As the sole active volcano on the European continent, Mt. Vesuvius hovers over Naples, its rumbling shape a symbol of both the city’s past and present (Vesuvius was last active in 1944). Once you move to one of Naples’s real estate neighborhoods, you may take a group trip from Naples or go alone to the volcanic summit for unending views over the Bay of Naples and a peek into its enormous boiling crater.

Naples bursts with history, with many blocks revealing historical buildings and stunning landmarks. Its dining scene is one of the best in the world, so if you are a food enthusiast, this could be your dream location. There are also many things to do here, so you can rest assured you and your family will never get bored all year through. If you choose to relocate, check as many homes for sale in Naples as possible and work closely with a real estate agent to find your dream property.