April 13, 2024

Use a Variety of Spiritual Symbols to Protect Against Evil Eyes and Negative Energy-


If you have started to get more into yoga practise or do the studies of eastern religion, or study more about spirituality, then you must have surely noticed that there are some symbols that come up again and again, like the Om symbol or the symbol of lotus, or others, as the case may be. Did you ever try to think of what all they show or represent? Here in this guide come to me spiritual you will learn about some of the most common spiritual symbols that will help you combine them for your own practises in meaningful and respectful ways. You can also visit the above-mentioned link to learn more about the spiritual symbols and lockets that are available to help you ward off evil and the evil eye.

Om’s Symbol

The symbol of Om comes directly from Hinduism. The Om symbol represents yoga in Hinduism, which is all about unification. This symbol of Om was introduced in the Vedas, which is one of the oldest scriptures, and it also refers to or is known as the breath of the universe. It is thought or said to be the original sound. Besides that, the different curves that the Om symbol has represent the awakening of consciousness, deep sleep, and dreaming. Then, there is a small curved line in the middle, which shows or tells about the illusion. It is known to separate one from perfection, which is shown in the topmost shape.

Lotus Flower Image-

Next, is the Hindu symbol of the lotus flower. It is called the womb of the universe, from which everything is born. The lotus flower is the national flower of India. Besides that, the lotus flower has been a part of the Hindu culture for years and centuries. The lotus flower also has an indirect link with the ideas of Buddhism of a universal soul. You can practise the lotus pose or do padmasana in which one has to sit cross-legged with one foot resting on top of the other thigh. Next is Hamsa, which is linked with a number of traditions. At present, it is a popular method or symbol for removing evil and also negativity, and this symbol is most of the time found on clothes and trinkets.

Hamsa’s image

As per certain research, it has been found that hamsa has links with Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. In Islam and Judaism, it is known for warding off evil energies or eyes. Hamsa means protector. In Hinduism, it is known as a supreme spirit or the true reality, which is known as Brahman, as a platform or vehicle for knowledge. Besides that, in Buddhism it is called the universal spirit and being, which is released from the birth cycle or rebirth, also known as samsara. Then, there is the image of Buddha, who lived during the 5th century BC. His image is a popular image that represents enlightenment and oneness and also represents peace.

Images of Buddha and Mandala-

Buddha statues and images are also used as meditation or for meditation. Sometimes you can see the image of Buddha laughing. Buddha is also thought of as an original yogi, a teacher who dispels ignorance. A Mandala is another symbol which is traditionally linked with Hinduism and Buddhism. It has intricate designs and this shows the journey of the self. The layers shown in the image show the qualities required for attaining wisdom and getting enlightened.