April 13, 2024

Useful Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms are a very significant part of a home and homeowners often love remodeling bathrooms. Studies have proven that most home remodeling projects are mainly focused on bathrooms. There are different ways in which your bathroom can get a complete makeover. Some very useful tips you can use for a bathroom makeover this festive season are mentioned below. So take a look below:

  1. Don’t skip bathroom ventilation 

All types of bathrooms need some kind of ventilation. This can be either in the form of an exhaust fan or a big window. For the bathroom fans, you must check for exhaust capacity along with their noise level. As the space in bathrooms is small, a middle-sized bathroom fan can also create a lot of sounds.

  1. Choose proper flooring 

Flooring made up of solid wood may look good but aren’t very suitable for bathrooms. Instead, choose a bathroom flooring that is durable and can stand the effects of regular bathroom use. The widest bathroom flooring materials are porcelain and ceramic tile, vinyl tiles, and luxury vinyl plank.

  1. Lighting matters 

In an area people require to do a visual inspection of their faces and hair, lighting is very important. Ceiling fixtures are often used in most bathrooms but they aren’t good enough. The reason is, their light is focused on a single spot only. At the least, you can add some lighting near the bathroom mirror by using sconces.

  1. Add more spaces for hanging items 

The easiest way of adding more surface area to the bathroom is without having to add countertop hooks. You can use them for various purposes. This can be hanging clothes towels to bathrobes. Place the hooks on the back of the door, sides along the cabinets, and other unused areas in the bathroom.

These are some very useful tips followed by bathroom remodeling contractors to remodel their bathrooms. There are many other tips you can use too but the ones mentioned above are very effective in giving your bathroom a total makeover.