April 13, 2024

Ways to Avoid Kitchen Cabinet Steam Damage

Quality cabinetry may last a lifetime with proper maintenance. But a working kitchen environment isn’t generally ideal for its preservation; it’s hot, wet, and humid all at once.

One of the most harmful sources of heat and moisture for wooden cabinets is steam. This is produced by toasters, coffee machines, and pressure cookers. If left untreated for a long time, this steam can easily melt your lower-quality cabinetry and discolor it.

For example, some dishwashers have a side vent to expel steam. This side vent might harm cabinets. Make sure your dishwasher is installed properly and able to this steam to escape and away from your cabinets. You may need cabinet refacing San Clemente to correct the flow of steam from your dishwasher.

Moreover, countertop appliances, including coffee makers, toaster ovens, pressure/rice cookers, and electric kettles, can all cause heat and/or steam damage to cabinets. This is possible due to their placement directly beneath overhanging wall cabinets.

Steam from a kettle can also cause steam burn, which is a white coating that forms on wood. Melamine and thermofoil cabinetry may even start to melt. In order to direct the steam away from wooden cabinets, pressure cookers should always be placed next to an operational range hood or air vent.

However, too much dryness in the kitchen can also hasten cabinetry and solid wood cracking. Restoring an ideal level of humidity will aid in preventing damage brought on by dryness. Dry circumstances cause wood to shrink and distort.

Thankfully, there are a number of techniques to stop kitchen cabinet steam damage so they look wonderful and last for years. Some of these include using cabinet-friendly cleaners, proper ventilation, cabinet waterproofing, a steam diverter, and cabinet refacing Coto de Caza. Working with a reliable kitchen cabinet manufacturer will also give you options based on your current kitchen condition.

Delve deeper into these techniques by reading this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.