May 28, 2023

What Are The Best Ways To Differentiate Hand Tufted Carpets From Hand Knotted Carpets?

While finding a new contemporary carpet for your home, you may notice several production techniques. Two of the most important terms are hand-tufted carpets and hand-knotted carpets. The two may seem to be similar, but they are different in so many aspects. So, let’s have a look at how hand-tufted carpets are different from hand-knotted carpets.

A Little Introduction To Hand Tufting

Hand-tufted carpets are commonly seen these days everywhere. It is basically a newer technique that combines ancient weaving craft with modern technology. The weaver starts with a canvas sheet or something similar to that and pulls wool strands through this with the help of a tool or a tufting gun. As the weaver weaves the carpet, they fill in the design drawn up on the back of the canvas sheet. The hand-tufted carpets are quite durable and ideal for projects where scale, precision, and time are of the essence.

A Little Introduction To Hand Knotting

A hand-knotted carpet, on the other hand, is made entirely by hand on a vertical loom. This highly-specialized technique requires the weaver to insert knots into the carpet. Then he ties each know around the warp and weft of the carpet. A single hand-knotted carpet is composed of thousands of individual knots and takes a lot of time to produce. One can determine the quality of a hand-knotted carpet by counting the number of knots per square inch. The higher the knot count in the carpet, the better the quality and the longer it takes to complete. Know count can be as high as 200 knots and as low as 40 knots.

Now that you know what hand-tufting and hand-knotting are, it’s time to share some of the differences between the two carpet types.

Differences Between Hand-Knotted Carpets And Hand-Tufted Carpets

  • Cost

Since hand-tufted carpets take less time to produce, they cost less than hand-knotted carpets. However, it doesn’t mean that hand-tufted carpets are not of good quality. Instead, they are woven with great attention and care. On the contrary, hand-knotted carpets require more time to finish so they are bit pricier than hand-tufted carpets.

  • Durability

Hand-tufted carpets are durable and last for more than 10 years if taken care of properly. On the other hand, hand-knotted carpets last a lifetime because of their careful and hardwearing construction. Both carpet types are good for higher foot traffic with the latter one being the more durable.

  • Aesthetics

So, how can you judge the visual difference between a hand-tufted and hand-knotted carpet? You can do this by noticing several factors such as the back and thickness of the carpet. The canvas backing of a hand-tufted carpet is glued to the back of the carpet. Whilst the back of a hand-knotted carpet is the translation of the side of the carpet in tapestry-style stitches. When we compare the thickness, hand-tufted carpet is a bit thicker than hand-knotted carpet.

Which Carpet Is Right For Me?

Well, both hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets are good on their own. With the above-listed features, you can better determine which type is more suitable for your home!