April 13, 2024

What Are The Most Troublesome Pests In Households? 

Dealing with pests can be difficult, and it is not something any homeowner wants to take part in. One of the essential parts of pest elimination is knowing which pests multiply in numbers faster than the others. Not only are pests unsightly, but they spread dangerous diseases and cause damage to your home’s furniture, wiring, etc. 

Some pests are exceptionally quicker at reproducing than others and can soon develop an infestation before you know it. This way, you can take the proper steps to deal with them. In Denton, Texas, pest problems have been commonly reported by homeowners. However, this only emphasizes the role of hiring a Corinth pest control company with a good reputation and experience to help you get rid of pests. 

Pests that multiply fast in numbers in your house 

Here are some of the commonly found pests that can multiply fast and create chaos in your house. 

  • Bed bugs. 

Bed bugs, hands down, are the worst roommates. They won’t let you have one good night’s sleep, cause itching and irritation, and result in blood stains all over your bedsheet and pillowcases. Bed bugs can get inside your house in numerous ways. They can jump on your body while you are waiting for the bus at a bus stand or at a hotel during your vacation. They also multiply quickly in numbers. 

  • Cockroaches. 

Cockroaches are the creepiest creatures to share your living space with. Many people have a phobia and cannot stand looking at one. Although cockroaches are not tiny like fleas and bed bugs, they can still sneak into your home and cause an infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and only come out at night, which makes it hard to spot them. They feed on your food and water and spread fast. 

  • Fleas. 

Fleas are a real issue in American households. They feed on blood, whether it be human or animal blood. They are a problem for your family as well as your pet dogs and cats. When fleas attack your pets, they can leave them with itchy bumps and red skin. Fleas can enter your house very quickly via your pets when they go out to play with other animals. 

  • Silverfish. 

Silverfish is another nocturnal pest that loves warm, dark, and damp places, such as the basement, attics, inside of the walls, etc. They are not picky about what they eat, so they feed on anything they can find in your house. You may even find one of these little guys munching on a piece of paper or an old book. Hire professional pest control services today to make sure that these infestations do not cause trouble at your home. 

  • Stink Bugs.

These bugs are not dangerous; however, during winter, they always look for a home for shelter. Just like other bugs that crawl into your house, the Stink Bugs also find small cracks and enter your house as they fit into it easily. Many people are not afraid of these bugs since they don’t bite, but people with allergies might face some issues. Plus, these bugs always leave an unpleasant smell if they die inside your house or are killed by you. This can lead to spreading diseases in your house.